Features Overview

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Microblading - $475

Microblading uses a manual tool to create hair-like strokes. Perfect for normal to dry skin. Lasts 18-24 months, but expect to have an annual touch up. it is industry standard to have a touch up at 6 weeks ($175) after your initial visit.

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Combination brow - $600

The best of both worlds…Microblading paired with 3D Shading creates a depth that cannot be achieved with Microblading alone. Perfect for those with sparse hairs or with a thin shape that needs to be blended to revamp your brows.


Powder Ombre brows

A new spin on an old classic, with a chic vibe. Ombre brows give you more color density in the tail and fades to a light wisp of color in the front, creating a look that nods to your eyebrow pencil but it doesn't smudge. It is industry standard to expect a touch up at 6 weeks ($175) after your initial visit.